Group Benefits

TDECU Insurance Agency, LLC helps Texas employers establish a benefits plan that meets the needs of your staff.

Your employees are important to your business and with the exception of wages, employee benefits are the primary tools by which employers attract and retain qualified personnel. At TDECU Insurance Agency, we are committed to providing your business with coverage options, benefits packages and quality services that fit your company’s needs and goals.

With a variety of group benefits plans, business owners have many options to choose from. The professionals at TDECU Insurance Agency are here to work with you to design a customizable package that offers optimal coverage for everyone at your company. This may include:

  • Group health insurance plans
  • Dental, vision and disability coverage options
  • Group life insurance products
  • Long term care
  • And much more!

Group insurance plans should not fall by the wayside at your business. Your company has a responsibility to find and retain the best employees, so it is time to offer them, their families, and their dependents the right insurance program tailored to their needs at an affordable cost!

Various group benefits options with TDECU Insurance Agency, LLC

As a department of TDECU – Your Credit Union that has long been established as a reputable partner in the Texas community since 2008, TDECU Insurance Agency is here for you. With the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the coverage you need, our professionals are able to shop around to find the group benefits options that are perfect for your growing business.

Your employees matter to us

At TDECU Insurance Agency, you matter to us. We value you and your needs, and we strive to show that by serving you, and offering you the best value for your insurance dollar. Let us be the insurance brokers that find you the coverage your business can’t survive without.

Ready to experience the difference TDECU Insurance Agency can make for you as our client? Give our friendly professionals a call today at 888-833-7358. You can also find quotes by filling out the free online quote form to get in touch with an agent now!